PhD Candidate

I am in my fourth year of PhD studies specializing in Child Studies in the Department of Education at Concordia University (Montreal, Qc). My background is in cognitive and language development, but recently concentrating my efforts on literacy development. I'm specifically interested in the effects of reading words in different contexts (stories and lists), and the impact of the home literacy environment on shared book reading and print exposure.



Master's Student

As someone who has always loved reading, I am particularly interested in how reading for pleasure affects people. I am currently in the last year of the Child Studies program investigating the relationship between university students’ recollection of reading in school and their current reading habits and attitudes. 

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Master's Student

I graduated from Concordia's ECEE department in 2012 and am completing my master's with a focus on professional development for teachers through a literacy lens. Formerly a Cycle 1 teacher, I currently work as a pedagogical consultant as part of the Early Intervention Team at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. I love to be outdoors or reading – or both! I love historical fiction especially,  and there is always a stack of books on my bedside table.



Master's Student

As an insatiable reader and creative writing enthusiast, the Literacy Lab has become my haven. Finding innovative ways to revolutionize the Language Arts curriculum is at the heart of my research interests. My ultimate goal is to support teachers in creating a classroom culture that promotes a “literacy is for life” message. One, in which students’ motivation to read thrives by engaging with culturally-relevant texts. After all, learning is more meaningful when it helps students better adapt to their changing environment.

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Master's Student

Having a passion for languages and teaching, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in teaching Chinese as a second language and a master's degree in applied linguistics. With three years of experience working as an ESL teacher and school placement advisor for young children in China, I have developed strong interests in children's development of language and reasoning abilities. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, museums, open markets and national parks. Cooking and playing my ukulele are also major sources of happiness. Currently, I am living in Shenzhen China with my husband and our puppy, Tiny.