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 ConCordia Literacy Lab

Professional development course TESTIMONIALS

"In past years we have had various professionals visit and share with us, but none have hit the mark in the way that

Dr. Martin-Chang has done."

 "Dr. Martin-Chang was a refreshing  change in that she is easy to approach, down to earth and very passionate about improving pedagogical development." 

"We have continued to see a dramatic incline in the reading development of our students, and the confidence of our cycle one team, as we apply the knowledge gained from our time with Dr. Martin-Chang."

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Dr. Martin-Chang's Lab

The ability to read and write is quintessential to the human experience. Whether we are reading beloved novels, sharing bedtime stories, or writing notes of encouragement, words connect us to other people and places.


Members of the Concordia Literacy Lab use the scientific process to study how children learn to read and write. To that end, we are also interested in supporting teachers and parents so that they can optimize these learning processes at school and at home.


Looking for a place to share your love of reading and writing? There's a Lab for that.

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Areas of specialty

  • Professional Development for Teachers

  • Parent Workshops

  • Keynote speaker for Events


Montreal QC, Canada

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